This guy is a real life super-villain. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this story ends with him going to his secret volcano base.

His name is Redoine Faïd. A career criminal who was once France's most wanted man and has now made his second spectacular escape from prison in the past 5 years. Back in 2013, Faïd used dynamite to escape from prison and hold four wardens hostage. He was eventually caught 6 weeks later in a cheap hotel room.

Why was he in prison in the first place? He was serving a 25 year sentence after getting busted for a cash-transport robbery he planned back in 2010.

This time, Faïd was in the visiting room of the prison, when three heavily armed men burst in, escorting him outside, where a Belgium-registered helicopter was waiting. As the chopper was taking off, security did not open fire on it due to safety concerns. The helicopter was eventually found, but it had been set on fire, with no sign of Faïd.

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