The cat is out of the bag. Tawny and Doc Brown are a couple. Lol actually, most of you know that already you know that already. It's not like we've been keeping it a secret on the air. We've been engaged for like a year and a half actually.

Many of you may be asking yourself, "Ok how does one go about landing a girl like the mystical Tawny the Rock Chick?" Honestly, I have no clue lol. She actually hated me when she first met me. You guys knew me as Dear Asshole back then. That was my first radio gig. Tawny's first thought was, "Who is this clown with no experience thinking he gets to just be on my station?" As it turns out, this clown made her laugh....a lot. 4 years later, a house, and tons of memories later, our two sons and the two of us have a pretty damn happy little family. It's crazy how things work out.

So here she is. My Tawny Crush Tuesday.

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