A letter to you, yes you, anyone reading....
I don't say it enough but I hope the people that listen to me on the air, friend me on Facebook, follow the KBAT Facebook page, watch my YouTube, subscribe to the KBAT YouTube, and read my blogs, know how much I truly appreciate them and never take it for granted. I realize you have choices and even though I don't approve I can see the draw.
I just want people to know that radio means so much to me. When you get in your car or turn the dial at work to my frequency or download the KBAT app to listen on your phone you're apart of real time, far reaching, connective public media. If you live in this area you could hear me on Monday and then have a beer with me on Tuesday. If you're listening in Sweden and you friend me on facebook you'll probably hear me talk about you on the air.
What I'm trying to say is I'm not a voice that you hear but you'll never meet or talk to or interact with in any way. Radio is special, it's not a movie you see but you'll never meet or talk to any of the actors or a football game you watch but never see the players in real life. It's special because of you guys, not us. It's special because you are special, you make radio the most unique form of media out there and I'm so thankful and grateful to be able to be apart of it.
Thank you all so much.
Your biggest fan,
Tawny The Rock Chick.

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