I know this isn't the kind of thing I need to tell my rock chicks, we stick to the basics when it comes to leggings, leather and leather.

However, just in case there are some wayward readers out there asking themselves the question “How close to my natural skin tone can I possibly get these leggings?”, and “What's the size limit for wearing leggings as pants,” I will gladly address this tough social issue for you.


Leggings should never make you look like you're in that bad dream where you go to school without your pants.


Girls who can wear leggings as pants are ones who are haven't made it to kindergarten yet and Victoria Secret models… especially that dark haired one ;-)


I know when you saw the leggings package, you imagined all the super sexy ways you could wear these bad boys, but check the mirror before you head out.


Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a free show every now and then but I prefer mine in the form of an accidental situation, that way its funny and hot at the same time.


In some situations, there is absolutely no way to keep my face from making the “Holy Sh*t I can see the entrance to your chocolate factory” look, but then again, if there were not brave women, we would never have the joy of public, sneaky, semi-nakedness.


God bless you ladies!

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