I happen to be into a variety of styles.  I might rock my normal “Tawny” garb one day and then rock some classy southwestern duds the next.  What I’m trying to say is when it comes to style limits, I normally don’t have any.

However I can assure you that I will never get caught wearing “Jean Boots”. As clever a creation as they may seem to the artistic minded fashion go’er, I am a little curious as to how you could wear these and not feel like you were walking around with a baby jean jacket on your feet.


I’ve been seen in some very loud shades of neon pink, glitter is a favorite accent color of mine, leather jacket and biker boots, boho, hippie heck even occasionally straight clothes (when I say “straight clothes” I’m referring to business casual, the kind of clothes that don’t make people’s eyes bug out, you know the kind).


Even if I managed to muster up every ounce of open, free spirit, love everybody attitude in my body, I could not make myself walk around in leftover jean jacket parts. Not only is it UG (ugly) but it’s just not right to disrespect a jean jacket in that way. I’m against jean jacket cruelty, are you with me?


Seriously though, please don’t wear these in my town, because if you do and I see you I will hold nothing back when the thunder of high pitched, cackle laughs explode out of my mouth like machine gun fire Just sayin


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