I saw a meme going around Facebook not long ago that related so specifically to a personal experience that it made me air spit laugh.

You know that laugh that sounds like your spraying water out of your mouth at a super high velocity?  Put your lips together right now like you were gonna blow up an invisible balloon and blow really fast…That sound right there, I “air spit” laughed so hard when I saw that meme because I just got through “accidentally” washing a pair of supposedly boy jeans with a brand new pink dress of mine that I  may or may not have been fully aware would bleed right on into the rest of the clothes into that wash.  Creating what I like to call Breast cancer awareness month friendly jeans.
Look I truly understand wanting to dress fashionable, whether you’re a rock dude or a rock chick,  as long as it is within your budget and as long  as you follow the clearly set lines of gender separation.
In the picture here will see a great example of a pair of jeans that I would totally make fun of a dude for wearing.  Not only are they blinged out with girly designs on the back but do you realize that you almost have to sell your kidney to be able to buy a pair?  You’re a boy, man, dude whatever you want me to call you but you’re in the “scratch your butt and fart a lot” category of beings and with that comes a great deal of responsibility.
Part of that responsibility includes dressing in a way that would make a woman want to take her clothes off, but not to let you try them on…
I don’t oogle men that have rhinestones on their butts, those are the men I make a point to talk to in the hopes of a shopping date in the near future, and not the kind of shopping date where you take me shopping and I squeal and jump up and down every time you buy me something pretty, I mean the kind where your trying on clothes next to me asking me if your butt looks fat in these jeans…with all the bling on the butt.
Keep it manly guys, it’s just less confusing that way, and my guess is you’ll get laid way more often….just sayn

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