Now have the snuggly warmth of your bed where ever you go! Fall is in full swing and any day now we're going to get hit with those freezing temperatures that make you want to stay home and not leave the house until spring. One LA-based designer has come up with a creative new coat that will bring the comfort and warmth of your bed with you where ever you go. Everyone who has grown up in a Hispanic household knows the comfort and warmth that a cobija brings to you. The minute the weather starts cooling down, everyone loves to run to your closet and grab out your trusty cobija.

One Latina designer in LA decided to bring together the warmth of your cobija with the fashionable look of a hoodie or trenchcoat. Mexican-American designer Brenda Equihua has designed a pretty amazing seven-piece collection for her label that uses the comfy covering for their clothing. The collection includes trenchcoats, hoodies, a crop top, and skirt combo and more. Since the internet has seen the collection, she's gone viral with many excited they can finally take the blanket with them anywhere. You can check out her label Equihua for the different looks and purchase the jackets there. They also have payment plans available if you need it since some of the coats can cost you a pretty penny.

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