Remembering the heroes of September 11th, 2001. The Tall City Memorial Stair Climb and Concert is this Saturday in Midland. The day starts with the Stair Climb—which has been moved due to Covid 19 protocol to Grande (gran---day) Communications Stadium—801 N. Loop 250 West. Gates will open at 6:30am, the climb will start at 8am and will be the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs… You’re not required to do all of that—do what you can.. It’s not a race or a competition. Water, Restrooms and Rest stations will be provided.

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First Responders will climb in the gear of their choice, civilians wear the athletic wear of your choice. Cost is $50 per person and that gets you an event shirt, an event challenge coin and a ticket to the concert. The climb is expected to take between 1 to 3 hours to complete, or to just go as long as you can. After the climb—the day will end with a concert featuring Wade Bowen, The Stateline Band, and The Electric Gypsies—downtown Midland at Centennial Park. Concert gates open at 3pm, bands start at 4 with The Stateline Band, then at 6:30 it's The Electric Gypsies, that at 8:45 Wade Bowen. Admission to the concert only is $35 per ticket if you can't make the Stair Climb but still want to attend the concert afterward.

Find out more on line, and register to climb by clicking HERE.

The Tall City Memorial Stair Climb and Concert—remembering the heroes of 20 years ago who sacrificed their lives, and the families who have survived them. Come climb with us!

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