We had another earthquake here in the Permian Basin last night Sept 6th, 2021 at 10:05pm. And, apparently is was pretty significant. It registered a 3.5.   It seems like earthquakes are now a thing here in West Texas. I mean how many have you heard of in the past 2 to 3 years here in West Texas? And, here's the thing, anytime there's an earthquake you see it all over your social media feeds. The question than becomes 'Did You Feel The Earthquake?' But, here's my question HAVE YOU EVER FELT ANY OF THE EARTHQUAKES HERE IN THE PERMIAN BASIN?

I have felt 3 earthquakes including last nights. And, I will say that last night's was definitely the strongest one I have felt. I do KNOW people that have NEVER felt any of the earthquakes we have had in the past 3 to 5 years.

Obviously, it depends on the epicenter of the earthquake on who feels them and who doesn't, but you would think that most people would feel the earthquake when they happen. That's not the case. Sometimes you do feel it, and sometimes you don't but your neighbor does.

All 3 of the earthquakes that I have felt didn't last long, literally maybe like 2 seconds. Last nights earthquake was definitely the strongest. It felt like a gust of wind had swooshed from east to west in my attic. I could hear the wood beams move a bit.

There is a website that keeps track of all the earthquakes that happen on the planet. And, literally will post an earthquake minutes after it happens. The earthquake last night popped up on the website almost immediately after it happened. By the way, you will be surprised at how many earthquakes there are daily on the planet.


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