In this edition of Stupid Criminals we find a guy who is a very vocal Peeping Tom.

According to South Florida Sun-Sentinel, a woman in Coral Springs, Florida was in bed playing with her cell phone last week, when she thought she heard sex noises coming from outside.

She just figured it was the neighbors getting-it-on.

But the sounds kept getting louder and louder, and they sounded like they were right outside her window.  She finally got up and checked, and saw a man outside, staring at her, vigorously masturbating.

The woman was wearing just a t-shirt and loose pants and wasn't doing anything even remotely sexy, but apparently that was enough to get 37-year-old Ian Rosenberg going.

He might have gotten away with it, if he just could have kept the volume down on his moaning.

Rosenberg was arrested for voyeurism, plus it turns out he was already on probation for another voyeurism charge back in 2014.

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