A shocking study out of the U.K. showed that shrimp in the country had an unfortunate illicit drug in their system. According to the Guardian, a new study found that every single shrimp tested had traces of cocaine in its system. The shrimp also came from 15 various sites around Suffolk County in Great Britain. In addition to the cocaine, traces of ketamine were also found in some of the shrimp. While the findings are scary, researchers from the study were adamant that the amounts of the drugs found in the shrimp were low and not enough for the shrimp to get high. Which means humans couldn't get high off the amount, no matter how many bottomless shrimp dinners you attend at Red Lobster.

Still, the news isn't good for our environment. These amounts of mircopollutants show the damage humans are doing on not only the plants but also the wildlife. The area where the shrimp were found was in rural spots of the country, and not in big metropolis-areas like London. So if you need more proof of the horrible effects we are having on our Earth, go watch Netflix's "Our Planet" and cry. I did.

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