Last entry we found out I had trouble with combination locks. What's in store this time?

Dear Journal,

Today I got my locker open every time I tried. Yesterday I had to have Ms. Meechan help me with it. Today I also sat by Allan at lunch. I am going to go to practically every Clackamas Junior Varsity or Varsity football game. I go to soccer practice and then I go to the Junior Varsity game. My soccer team won our first game 2 to 1. Scott Rhoten had both of our goals. I should have had a goal but the referee called off sides.

Boom! Combination lock solved! And if I remember correctly, I just kept forgetting how to do it properly. There wasn't any special trick to the lock. I just didn't get it.

I was apparently really excited about making it to the Clackamas football games, and I was already laying the ground work for an entire high school career of butting heads with officials. If there was a journal from high school, it would definitely get into me getting kicked out of games.

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