This referee deserves a raise! Watch this NXT ref get his leg broken during the match but he STILL manages to finish the match and make the count. As any wrestling fan will tell you, the impressive athletes who perform in the ring every day put their bodies at risk with their sport. The high flying, heavy lifting sport causes injuries to many when they are in the ring performing. But it's not only the wrestlers that can get injured during a match, as this video clearly shows. Referees are right there next to the action, and sometimes can be called upon to participate. This referee got a little too close and paid the price when he suffered a broken limb, according to Uproxx.

During an NXT event in Omaha, Nebraska Tyler Breeze took on the Velveteen Dream during the show's main event. Sometime during that match referee Tom Castor suffered a gruesome-looking leg injury. In a video shot by attendee Michael Davis (Twitter @TheRealMikeD23), you can see the ref on the mat clearly in a lot of pain. Pushing past the pain, the Castor is still able to crawl his way over to the wrestlers and make the count. Twitter user @NarDawg360 was also able to snap a photo of the nasty looking injury. Fans in the video's comments said that the referee was superkicked by Tyler Breeze and unfortunately fell awkwardly. Check out the incredible video below and pictures of his leg injury. The video and pictures have now gone viral and Castor said on his Twitter it was "heartfelt and humbling" to hear everyone's kind words to him.

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