The Buzz Adams Morning Show has been a spoiler free zone since Avengers: Endgame was released, and will continue to be until Monday, May 6th. And that has been absolutely killing Buzz. He wants to talk about it. So we did.

In this video, we learn that Buzz is not a fan of time travel. He considers it lazy writing, and definitely lets us know over and over and over.

We not only talk about Endgame but we also get into the topic of where the MCU is going to go after this. We bring up some different options and also what we would like to see.

We also get into the debate of who the strongest superhero is, and again, Buzz is very strong in his opinion on this. I also bring up an old issue of Marvel Illustrated that had a sort of 'Superhero Olympics' in it where they have races and weight lifting. Who wins the weight lifting competition? Not the Hulk, and this really bugs Buzz.


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