We regret to inform you that Stone Temple Pilots has canceled their show tomorrow at the Lonestar Amphitheater in Lubbock. I just barely got the email just a few minutes ago, which is very disappointing considering that we barely gave away the grand prize meet n greet. As much as I hate to deliver this news, I'd hate it more if one of our listeners drove all the way there just to find out there's no show. If you have won Stone Temple Pilot tickets on our station, we are sorry. Call our office at 563-5636 and leave a message for me (Doc). I'll make sure you get tickets to another event in the future. Lol yes we keep track of who exactly won so please don't make it awkward for both of us if you haven't won and try to call in and say you did. Alan our grand prize winner, you'll get tickets to two events. Please share this and spread the word so no one makes that drive for nothing. Thank you.

Here's the exact statement we were given by STP... "Due to circumstances beyond our control Stone Temple Pilots will have to cancel their event on Sept 19 at the Lonestar Pavilion in Lubbock TX. Refunds are available at all points of purchase."

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