Now that we've all gotten our panties in a knot can we all just calm our over conspirac'n asses down? The creator of the "Storm Area 51" page has made an announcement. He had previously done an interview with NPR under a fake name for fear of harassment but he's decided for the good of all man kind he better clear the air.  The page was created in the hopes it would produce some good memes.  Yeah, that's right, I'm sure some of you could have guessed it by now but it was totally satirical from the start.  He's just a dude from Las Vegas that apparently loves memes and didn't really think this thing was going to end up in a wold wide debate not to mention the possibility of putting people in harms way.  You can read the whole story here but I say again THE PAGE IS JUST A JOKE GUYS, CHILL OUT.

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