There was all kinds of talk last year about Back to the Future predicting the World Series of 2017. While there have been a lot of coincidences throughout the years, it wasn't an actual prediction. Although it was kinda cool that they picked the Cubbies.

Well, we do have an actual prediction, from "experts". The Houston Astros were the doormat of Major League Baseball for more than a few years. But they were "rebuilding", a term that can be tough for a fan base to hear because it means you team is going to lose, a lot. And there is no guarantee the rebuild will payoff. This is not the case for the Houston Astros as they have made the World Series and will take on the Dodgers.

Back in 2014, Sports Illustrated took a look at the Astros franchise and had a cover that boasted:

An unprecedented look at how a franchise is going beyond moneyball to build the game's next big thing. Your 2017 World Series Champs

Statements like this aren't all that uncommon. But to have one come to fruition is rather rare. And it's one thing if they were to just claim the team would be good in a few years. It's different that they put a specific year. Now that's calling your shot. Here's what the article inside the issue said:

“Since joining the Astros, Luhnow has made a series of innovative front-office hires and fostered a farm system now considered one of MLB’s very best. Again: The magazine’s claim may sound crazy, but it’s not hopelessly optimistic.”

It's talking about Astros GM Jeff Luhnow who was putting the pieces together for a championship run. And here we are. 2017. And the Astros are in the World Series.

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