Armijo Elementary School in Albuquerque has decided that the school will be canceling Halloween celebrations at the school. But why? We still don't know.

Looks like one Albuquerque elementary school isn't getting into the Halloween spirit. Armijo Elementary School in Albuquerque School officials sent a letter home with students saying that the school's Instruction Leadership Council decided that all classrooms at the school will not be  celebrating the holiday this year. No Halloween treats, parties, parades, costumes and more will be allowed at the school. Parents and students are upset at the decision, saying it is a letdown for the kids. On top of that, parents are saying this is the first time they have heard of the Instruction Leadership Council, although the district says it is made up of teachers, parents and administrators at the school. Teachers will still be able to teach and talk about Halloween in their lesson plans for the day, they just can't celebrate it.

The weird part?

Instead of just completely getting rid of the holiday, the school has decided that ten days after Halloween, they will be celebrating a "Fall Festival," where students and their families can come with fall holiday treats and even wear costumes! The school says they decided to cancel Halloween this year because they are dedicated to the success of their students and their academic success. Guess you didn't know that witch costume could be such a distraction.


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