If you're in a room with 3 other people, chances are all but one of you believe in something paranormal. At least, according to new research out of Chapman University. Here is a breakdown of the kinds of things people are likely to believe, and what percentage of people believe them.

  1. Lost ancient civilizations like Atlantis once existed - 55%
  2. Places can be haunted by ghosts or spirits - 52%
  3. Aliens have visited Earth in ancient times - 35%
  4. Aliens have visited Earth in modern times - 26%
  5. Some people have telekinetic abilities and can move objects with their mind - 25%
  6. Psychics can see the future - 19%
  7. Bigfoot is real - 16%

The study also broke down who is most likely to believe in something paranormal:

Simply put, the person with the highest number of paranormal beliefs in the United States as of 2017 will tend to be a lower income, female living in a rural area in the Western states. She tends to be politically conservative and claims to be highly religious, although she actually attends religious services infrequently. She is either currently single or cohabitating with someone and reports her race as “other.”

Of all of these that are on the list, the one that really sticks out to me is number 5. This means that one out of five people believes that there are real X-Men out there, who can move things with the minds.

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