So how soon is too soon to put up Christmas decorations? In my family we put up the Christmas decorations the day of or the day after Thanksgiving.  However, now that I'm adult I can do whatever the f**** I want, and I want to put my Christmas decorations the day after Halloween, so fight me.  I keep seeing people on social media complaining about how soon people are getting ready for and decorating for Christmas. How about you worry about you and everyone else will worry about them playa? Better yet, worry about how you're going to get Santa to visit you with that humbug ass attitude. If you don't like decorating early for holidays then don't but let the people like myself and my fren Saranne live our best lives. There are people in my neighborhood who have had all 15 of thier Christmas inflatables up since the day after Halloween and I dig it! I hear people saying "Why do people start with the Christmas decorations and music and crap so early?" What if I told you some people actually might have a reason other than to annoy you? It could be that some people were super poor growing up and their Christmases weren't as brightly colored as others. What if they spent thier childhood being abused or molested and now that they're an adult they can finally enjoy the holidays? What if because of what they went through when they were young they've made it a point to go all out for their own children? I'm not saying that going through something when you're a child or being poor and not having as big of a Christmas as other people makes you want to really kill it in your adult years. I know some people who the opposite is true. They don't do much for holidays at all either because that's just all they know or because of the bad memories they still carry with them, and that's fine too. However,  for those of us who really dig the holidays, for whatever reason we may have, try and keep your negative opinions about our positive attitude to yourself. Mmmmkay!

If you don't like it fight me, as for me and my house, we decorate early!

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