Halloween is great and all, but my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Bring on wave after wave of turkey and stuffing. The past couple of years, we have done things a little less traditional. We call it Friendsgiving. Tawny and I are friends with another couple who have kids and we go over there. Matt and I have a turkey cook off where he slow grills one and I deep fry one. Everyone is a winner in the end so it's really not much of a competition lol. Last year, we even adopted a Canadian. Our friend Andrew from Canada (who looks exactly like Aaron Rodgers) came over and enjoyed his first American Thanksgiving...in his shorts and a T Shirt lol. He was sending pictures back home to all his friends and family bragging about not freezing for Thanksgiving. Friends, family, tons of food, a couple of cold ones, and football...I really don't see how a holiday could get much better than that. What's your Thanksgiving tradition?

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