Doc posted a list of Halloween movie Favorites but my tastes are a little darker, so here's a list of the scariest movies perfect for Halloween bingeing.

A Quiet Place-Imagine that you live in a post apocalyptic world where your life revolves around avoiding detection by monsters with highly evolved hearing.

The Babadook-A creepy character from a childs picture book torments a mother and her 6 year old son

The Descent-This one messed me up for a long time. Some people repel into an underground world where subhumans who take group poops chase them to death.

It Follows-An evil STD has to be passed from person to person

Get Out-The nightmare or racism is told by way of scary movie

Last House on the Left-Wes Craven movies about a couple of girls who encounter some escaped prisoners

The Exorcist- Possesion and a girl who pees herself


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