We suffered our first loss yesterday. Let's take a moment of silence to let all the haters tell one of the 5 same jokes they've been telling for the past 15 years or so. Here's a good one. A vegan, a crossfitter, and a Cowboys hater walk into a bar. How do you guess which is which? You don't have to, just give it 5 minutes and they'll have already told you themselves several times.

All trash talking aside, the Saints played a solid game as I suspected they would. Bridgewater stepped up and did a hell of a job. I think that in itself was a challenge for the boys. You can study Brees, Rodgers, Brady, and any other QB. You can form a game plan on how to beat them. No one could have predicted how the Saints would adjust their offense with a different QB. They made the adjustments and played a solid game. One might even argue that as solid as Bridgewater played, we might have been better off playing the Saints with Brees at the helm. At least then you know what to expect. In the end though, I personally think the Cowboys beat themselves with stupid mistakes and penalties at some of the worst possible times. Good game...no great game Saints. Now the Boys have to quickly shrug this one off and focus hard on the Packs and Rodgers.

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