In a world going mad, Septicflesh are here with a simple message befitting of the times: "Fight the enemy of truth." The band is preparing to release their tenth studio album, Codex Omega, on Sept. 1 and they just unharnessed a brand new song called "Fight the Enemy" via Invisible Oranges for fans to check out.

As you would expect, Septicflesh lean on the heavier side with "Fight the Enemy," brilliantly playing the building tension of their strings against the rapid fire double-kick drumming and brutal guttural vocals. To give you an idea of where the lyrical content is heading, check out this verse: "Mental surgery / social lobotomy / confusion, delusion / we all connect and share / the perfect ways for lies to spread." Bringing things to a climactic close, the music reaches new heights with a backing chorus pushing the intensity.

Guitarist Sotiris V. says of the song, "In the past it was much easier for someone in a position of power to silence an 'irritating' mouth. In our age, with the evolution of communication and the high speed that information can be spread to the four corners of the world, new elaborate methods are being employed. And many claim to fight in the name of truth, but essentially they fight against it ... many voices making noise vs. few voices speaking clearly. Can this turn the other way around?"

"Enemy of Truth" follows the lead single "Dante's Inferno" off the band's Codex Omega album. As stated, the disc is on track for a Sept. 1 release via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders for the album are underway via a variety of platforms at this location.

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