We're still rocking on Facebook Live for The After Buzz while we're in YouTube jail. But, the finished show does go up on YouTube, so you can watch it at your convenience.

On this week's episode we talk more about my CD collection and find out what some people's first CDs ever purchased were. In case you didn't know, I'm selling off my CD collection and Nico went through it earlier on the MoSho. I have a pretty wide variety of CDs, most of which have come from the radio stations I've worked at over the past 2 decades.

And before I wrap up this episode of The After Buzz I had to mention how I've become obsessed with The Twilight Zone. I've watched episodes before, but just a few here and there. Well, it's available on Netflix now and I've started from the beginning and can't wait to watch them. Seriously, as I'm typing this I can't wait to just get home and watch more.

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