This is something interesting I came across doing research for a recent article I wrote about the most expensive house for sale in the United States. (It's the Beverly Hillbillies mansion, ya'll!)

I saw an interesting article about an elite property in Los Angeles called "The Opus". Yes, giving your house it's own name is something pretentious rich people do. What struck me most was the video for the property which was made by an actual Hollywood producer. Well, he's produced things like 1990s Steven Segal Movies, so, that's kinda legit, right?

Check out some of the high-dollar Hollywood effects used in this real estate ad like, "Kate Hudson lookalike rubbing one out on her bed" and "L.A. skyline with all the smog CGI'ed out".

The message of this soft core porn/virtual home tour is clear to me.

  • At 0:41: Enjoy your infinity pool that looks out over the homes of all the peasants that only payed 50 million for their pathetic hovels.
  • At 1:15:  Live out all your C-3PO fantasies.
  • At 1:23: Enjoy the class of gold everything.

Gold (the least gaudy of all the metals) is such a motif in this video it leads me to believe that the realtor only has one prospective customer in mind. Who do we all know who loves gold, thinks his current house is kind of a dump and would relish having multiple gold pu***es to grab whenever he wants?

That's right. I think Nile Niami hasn't forgotten that Nixon retired to California when HE was impeached and he's just thinking ahead for when Trump is impeached. Maybe "Opus" can be Trump's Yorba Linda and he can live out his remaining years in gilded tackiness. It's what he would want.

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