The Houston Police Department has announced that their officers are not allowed to use Whataburger tents at crime scenes anymore.

In a statement by the Houston Police Department, police officers are not allowed to use Whataburger order number tents to mark evidence at their crime scenes. The Texas-based fast food chain are known for their distinct orange and white tent numbers that are displayed on tables inside the restaurant.

Some people believed the police department was endorsing Whataburger by using their order numbers after the shooting death of a young woman in March. The Houston Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said that citizens were concerned and contacted the police department regarding photos that were taken at the crime scene.

After the shooting, officers used the Whataburger tents to mark where bullet casings and other evidence were at the crime scene. Photos from that crime scene went viral online according to Houston Eater:

The Department says its use of table tents as crime scene markers was born out of necessity, with officers using random items found in the area to protect evidence, including discarded coffee cups and takeout containers. Because Whataburger is on virtually every corner in Houston, the restaurant’s iconic table tents make for a quality placeholder until the Houston Forensic Center’s crime scene unit can place official evidence markers.

This isn't the first time Whataburger has dealt with people stealing their order number tents. The Denton County police department seized a large number of tents from teens who had turned stealing tents into a game.

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