The FBI has been looking into Russia's influence on last year's election, and that investigation has lead them straight to Texas. Sort of. There was a Facebook page called Heart of Texas that said in it's 'about' section:

Texas's the land protected by Lord.

According to the Business Insider, part of the FBI's investigation is looking into the attempt to pit American's against each other based on specific issues. Immigrants and refugees being a major hot button issue, and Texas being right on the front lines, made it an easy target.

Last October the Facebook page shifted to focusing it's efforts on organizing events. In late October of last year, the page set up an event for a "Texit statewide rally" titled "Get ready to secede!"

One sign that the page was bogus, was the lack of contact information. Other people are saying the poor grammar and typos were also a sign this page wasn't from Texas, but let's be honest, there are lots of people from the US that don't grasp the English language. And no, I'm not talking about immigrants or refugees. I'm talking about the slack-jawed yokels that think Texas seceding is plausible and a good idea.

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