I’m so ready for Strangers Things Season 2 to start on October 27th! When I found this Netflix original last year I was so impressed, I mean seriously this show is to Netflix as Game of Thrones is to HBO.  The old school scary movie vibe is felt from the second you hear the theme song, which by the way I LOVE! SPOILER ALERT!  If you would rather not know anything about season 2 then go ahead and skip to last paragraph and you’ll be safe.  OK…we good?  There really are no spoilers, I mean we knew Eleven would be back in season 2, that was just a given.  All the original characters (the kids at least) will be back together again this season, along with a few more additions to the cast.  Among those additions is a new cast member that will make you wanna say “HEY YOU GUYS!”. Set to be season 2’s new barb and Wynona’s new beau is Goonies star Sean Astin. This is our time baby! I’m friggin jazzed for the series premier October 27th#wheresbarb.


These kinds of shows are my jam.  Hellboy is one of my favorites as well, it’s another movie based off a comic book superhero except this superhero is a monster, love it! Monsters are always way cooler so to have the monster BE the superhero is fun and you can root for them and not feel guilty.  Not that I would feel guilty…or any other emotion for that matter, I’m pretty much dead inside, jk, a little, not really I’m as empty as my bank account after Christmas, or a sale on Unicorn stuff.  Moving on.

Here is Ron Pearlman's Hellboy
Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

From what I’ve read some fans of the original Guillermo del Toro movie are none too happy about this new revisioning.  I love that David Harbour is the new Hellboy but I myself have to admit that I’m always leery about reboots of movies I love, especially when you’re talking about a Guillermo del Toro movie. No other director makes movies like this guy.  Let’s all just hope for the best.  In the meantime who else is losing their sh*t waiting for Stranger Things Season 2 to air on October 27th!?!?!?!? AND WHERE THE HELL IS BARB!?!?!?!?

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