You may not have ever done direct business with Equifax, or even heard of Equifax, but your information could have been compromised because of them. If you need to check and see if you are at risk, you can go to THIS WEBSITE and find out. Yes, I know, even that website looks shady, but it's how you'll find out if your info has been stolen from Equifax.

Long story short, last week Equifax had a breach and millions (over 140 million) of people had their information stolen. This latest story doesn't have anything directly to do with that breach, but it is quite a telling sign. Apparently, in Argentina, you could access records that included thousands of customers' national identity numbers, simply by using the login 'admin' and the password 'admin'. Yup, it was just that easy.

"We learned of a potential vulnerability in an internal portal in Argentina which was not in any way connected to the cyber-security event that occurred in the United States last week," an Equifax spokeswoman told the BBC.

One problem with this statement is that the US breach didn't happen last week. The company made the breach information public last week. The actual event happened six weeks ago. On Tuesday, 36 US Senators asked for a Federal investigation as to why, in that six week period, three company executives sold off nearly $2 million in Equifax shares.

And people wonder why I have such a problem with banks and major corporations.

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