I'm about at my wits end when it comes to drivers in this area. It would be one thing if it were someone not paying attention once in a while, but this isn't the case. The past few days I've seen this 3 times. Someone is in the inside lane and THEY KNOW they're in the wrong lane so rather than just take a slight detour, they explode off the line to beat everyone else and go straight anyway. It seems to just be like that now. It's rarely people being bad drivers due to a brief lapse in attention. Here lately, I've seen a lot more drivers just flat out intentionally disobeying road safety. Just turn left. You messed up and got in the wrong lane. Take the slight detour. There are teenagers on the road who don't know how to react to your poor driving decisions. Your 3 minute delay isn't worth their lives. I guess what I'm trying to say is, stop driving like an a$$hole.

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