Colorado Springs homeowner Cathy Budde says the woman doesn't look like a transient or a person with mental problems. The woman who keeps pooping on Budde's lawn is young, normal-looking and wearing expensive jogging-wear.

Here's the jogger, who police and residents in Colorado Springs have dubbed "The Mad Pooper," according to KCRA.

Cathy Budde says she actually spoke to the jogger on one occasion.

"I was like, Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids? And she was like 'Yeah, sorry".

Police in Colorado Springs say they suspect the run-by poopings may be a form of revenge but they haven't been able to discover any connection between the Jogger/Logger and the Budde family. Although, I suspect Mrs. Budde may soon ask her husband if he's in a "Fatal Attraction" situation and if he has anything he'd like to admit to her.

This video basically explains how we felt about it. I'd give you a NSFW language warning, but the video is about poop and you already know that going into it, so don't clutch your monocle at me.

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