Yesterday we talked about getting an In-N-Out here in Midland/Odessa.  There were plenty all for the idea however, there were some who raised a very good point.  We don’t necessarily need another food joint.  I have to agree.  I'm not sure I can handle another poorly staffed mediocre fast food place anyway, and I'm well aware my dreams of a mega mall simply are not going to happen. What we need are more “things” to do.  Dallas has a zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens, tons of museums, concerts, events, water parks, amusement parks, adventure parks, trampoline parks, next level haunted houses, trade shows a one of a kind zero gravity park….I mean need I go on? So really if we were to rally for anything there are those of us who think this is a far more beneficial way to go.

So, let’s do that.



Who knows, maybe we can make enough noise to get what we always works for me. ;-)

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