On this week's After Buzz we talk about the Reddit thread I just posted about, which asked the question:

If you'd like to see the pictures of some of those on the list and judge for yourself, you can find a photo gallery HERE. But that's really the gist of this After Buzz. I had some other plans to do things but ran out of time. Next week, I'm hoping to have some stuff set up for Buzz or potentially other guests.

If you ever have a topic you want discussed on The After Buzz, or would even like to be a guest (of course for that you have to be in El Paso), just email me: brandon@buzzadamsshow.com.

We are also doing a D&D this Saturday again out at Military Gamer Suppler, so if you'd like to join, just shoot me an email saying you'd like in on the contest I'll be drawing four random winners after the show this Friday. We'll be at Military Gamer Supply at 8pm, this Saturday, September 23rd.

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