The city of Philadelphia says they won't be using Crisco to grease the poles in the city because it didn't work. Now adult site PornHub is ready to help. Before the NFC Championship game, the city of Brotherly Love wanted to make sure rowdy fans weren't able to climb their street poles and used Crisco to deter them. Unfortunately for them, the slippery substance didn't help and fans were able to climb the poles to celebrate. The city has now announced they will not be re-greasing the poles but will use something more effective to deter the pole climbers. An adult website has stepped up to the plate, or pole, to help out with finding something slippery enough to keep people off the poles. PornHub, one of the biggest adult sites on the web, has offered up their 55 gallon barrels of lube as a great solution to their pole problems. No word yet on whether or not Philadelphia will be taking them up on their offer, but good to know they have that option out there.

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