I'm inclined to agree lol. Hell, that's why I buy them. This one just came in late last Friday and I wanted to share it with all of you. This one hits me right in the childhood. I may actually end up getting this tattooed at some point....Lol maybe I can get Bloodline Ink to help me rig Tattoo Tuesday this week so I can win. I kid I kid. I couldn't do that to our loyal KBAT listeners and App users. Yes, btw that is in fact a giraffe skeleton.

People always ask me where I get my shirts. While I do like having secrets when it comes to where I get my shirts, it's really no secret. The internet. I get them from several different sites. Donkey Tee's, 6 Dollar Shirts (one of my favs), Big Bad Tee's, etc. Basically, I just google "funny shirts" and while I do have to sift though a ton of bad ones.

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