he Oreo is releasing five new cookie flavors during the summer months this year.  Oreo has a reputation for changing things up every now and then in the most fun kind of way so this summers flavors shouldn't be any different.  Yesterday Oreo announced the five new flavors coming out now through August so here they are....

Available this week is a returning fave: S'mores. Two graham cracker-flavored cookies sandwiched together with marshmallow and chocolate-flavored cream.

S'mores Oreos

The next cookie to be released will be in stores by June and is geared toward the fancy coffee lovers out there: Oreo Thins Latte comes with the thinner than normal cookies filled with java-flavored cream.

Oreo Thins Latte

Also in June Marshmallow Moon Oreos inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar moon landing. The limited edition cookies come in glow-in-the dark packaging and the wafers will be stamped with lunar-themed designs with galactic purple cream inside.

Marshmallow Moon Oreos

Oreo is celebrating ice cream season by teaming up with Baskin Robbins with the release of their Mint Chocolate Chip flavored Oreo in mid-July. The cream inside will include both mint and chocolate cream, speckled with chocolate chips.

Mint Chocolate Chip

And last, but not least will be the limited-edition Maple Cream Oreos in late August. The flavor will include two Golden Oreo wafers with sweet maple cream inside.