Dear Journal,

It is kind of fun having my grandma at my house instead of my parents. My grandma plays the card game Uno with me. I am winning five games to three. She has won three of our games. She beat me Sunday two games to one. I got my first letter from my parents yesterday. My dad wrote it, but my mom also wrote a very little bit. Last night at soccer practice we practiced our corner kick play. Then we scrimmaged for the rest of practice. It got dark quick so we had to cut practice off a little earlier than usual. Today in health I was the first one done with out collages of the different meals. Such as: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. We were supposed to count all the calories for each meal. I also got an "A" on my meals that I cooked. I had to cook three meals and write what I cooked and my parents commented on the first two of the meals, because those are the ones they ate, and my grandma commented on the last one. I cooked soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for meal one, then swiss steak for meal two, and chicken dijon for meal number three.

Those Uno games got intense in the morning time before school.

Do you ever think back to something back in the day and just miss it? That's how I get with soccer at this point. Maybe I'll find a local adult league to go play in.


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