Skateboard legend Tony Hawk posted a message letting fans know he left his skateboard somewhere in Houston and whoever found it could keep it! Tony Hawk is always traveling the world and skating where ever he can. While traveling through various cities and airports, he always has his skateboard with him. He's also very active on social media with his fans and letting people know what he's up to. A couple of weeks ago, Hawk was traveling through Houston and was on his way to the airport when he left his skateboard somewhere outside of the airport. It's not known if he left the board on accident or on purpose, but he told his followers "finders keepers!" And showed a photo of the skateboard's location. He told the followers good luck while people began running around trying to find where the skateboard was located.


One lucky woman did find the skateboard and on her birthday! She posted a Facebook Live video to show everyone the board she found. Facebook user Bunny Riggs posted the video and was super excited to find the board, especially the fact that it was her birthday too! Check out her video below where she talks about finding the board.

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