Buzz and Brandon are really excited about the Masters.....Lisa and Joanna are still trying to figure out why golf is still a "thing." Apparently, the Masters are going on right now. This is an exciting tie for golf fans, I'm assuming on the caliber of the Super Bowl, World Series or the NBA Finals. So basically, a really big deal to fas of the sport. Unfortunately to golf fans, and anyone who is into geriatric sporting events, Lisa and Joanna are not as enthralled with the sport as the male counterparts on the show are. So when the Masers talk starts during the morning show, this is when they get glazed over eyes and start thinking about other things, or more importantly, they think the REAL questions about golf. Yesterday during the Masters talk during the show, Lisa and Joanna wrote down all the thing they thought of during the conversation between Buzz and Brandon about the Masters for you to enjoy. See if you had any of the same thoughts as well....


  • How can you watch golf for two hours? How much do they even move in that time frame?
  • What do they do while they're walking all those distances? Long commentary moments or do they have some really long sponsorship commercials?
  • Every name Buzz had mentioned is white.
  • Transfixed? Or merely glassy-eyed and bored?
  • What is a par 3? Little Par? whats that? What is a regular sized par? Is there a different sized club used for the two?
  • Someone sprained their ankle, maybe he was so bored he tried liven it up and moonwalked on the grass but failed and that's when he twisted his ankle.
  • This is why football players are the only ones allowed to celebrate.....I think I heard. I'm pretty sire I've seen a Youtube clip or two.
  • Was this a golf tournament or a Jack Nicholsan family reunion? holy shit were not talking about the actor?! Now I have to look this guy he an actor too?
  • What does "going crazy" in golf even sound like?
  • This music makes me want to go to I need coffee.
  • The "Legends" of the game...must be pretty old since you can play golf till your over 100. Look at Arnold Palmer, he was so old they even named a drink after him.
  • Why is it even called the "Masters"? Are they simply Masters of hitting small balls and walking long distances?
  • Every. White. Name. Possible. All they're missing is a Billy Bob, Howard and Eustace.
  • I keep hearing "old timer".....aren't all golfers old timers?
  • Going to a golf tournament is the equivalent to hitting up a Denny's for the early bird special on a Thursday.


  •   Why is it called “A hole in one?” that sounds… dirty.
  • ·       Why is golf considered a sport, but wrestling isn’t?
  • ·       What is the golf stick called?
  • ·       Why do they call it a handicap? That can’t be PC
  • ·       I can understand Buzz liking golf because he’s old, but Brandon likes it?? Maybe it’s a white people thing
  • ·       *googles* are there Mexican golf players? Golfers? Oh…. look at all those Hispanic golfers.
  • ·       They call this The Masters. Like, these are the best of the best?
  • ·       Omg, did they say “Jack Nicholson”?? Oh, not the actor. Never mind.
  • ·       Is Tiger Woods doing this? Do we like Tiger Woods again? I forget why everyone was mad at him.
  • ·       What does the winner get? A Trophy? *googles* what does the winner of the Masters get? A Green Jacket??!
  • ·       I never knew Arnold Palmer was a golfer. Why did they name the drink after him? I Want an Arnold Palmer now.

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