My Christmas list this year is really making me look old. I've already writtn down a sewing machine, puzzle mat and a ton of other "Murder She Wrote" worthy requests. Half the list looks like I'm sitting in a rocking chair knitting a blanket and the other half makes me look like I might stab someone with the knitting needle and wrap the body in the blanket...all that sprinkled with pink glitter and unicorns. Christmas at our house looks so much different than at other peoples houses. We're over opening Freddy Kruger coloring books while other people are admiring all the new ties they have. I'd like to think our "Adam's Familyesk" style Christmas isn't the only one so I'm hoping to see some responses with examples of Christmases that aren't as vanilla as most. For example, I saw a guy post in a group I'm in for people who make thier own Halloween props and decorations, of an early Christmas gift he was given and I kinda hard core wanted the shit out of it. It was a lifesize Pennywise prop from the original IT and it was magnificent! Imagine wrapping that and leaving it next to the tree. Last year Doc got me a one of a kind commissioned portrait of Ed Kemper. This year I'm having a hooded Bendy and The Ink Machine blanket made for my son and some customized Ghost (the swedish shock rock band) seat covers for my other son, the teenager who's driving now, you've been warned.  It's a Christmas tradition in our house yo watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with the kids on Christmas eve and then spend the day watching cheesy 80's movies like anything with Jean Claude Van Dame, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. One year we watched like 5 Steven Seagal movies in a row.


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