Here's a kid that's going places...Apparently not to school anymore as per his shoe polished "schools out" lettering, but places.

I saw this pretty cool Ford Bronco with a slight lift driving around yesterday. Naturally, being 34 years old and living though the OJ trial, my first reaction was, "Looks like OJ is back on the run again, better hide all the blonde girls", but right about the time that thought entered my head, I noticed the decal in the bottom left of the window.

Now THAT'S a funny decal. One thing that I wonder though is how did a high school student think of that? I was around during the OJ ordeal but he wasn't lol. If I were a teenage kid these days, I would have never made that association. Well done good sir. Well done indeed. I sure got a good laugh out of it.

Lol who's kid is this?

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