The NFL new year doesn't officially kick off until today at 4pm Eastern, but with the "legal tampering" period in effect, there has been lots of movement in the NFL so far. The AFC Champion New England Patriots have lost a few pieces with Danny Amendola agreeign to a deal with the Miami Dolphins, and both Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis agreeing to deals with the Tennessee Titans.

We knew Kirk Cousins was on his way out of Washington, but now we know he's heading to Minnesota. Which means Case Keenum is headed to the Denver Broncos. Teddy Bridgewater is on his way to the New York Jets, along with Josh McCown. And Sam Bradford is going to sign with Arizona. Yes, three of those quarterbacks were all with the Minnesota Vikings last year.

Other big names on the move... Jimmy Graham has agreed to terms with the Green Bay Packers. Sammy Watkins is headed to the Chiefs. Allen Robinson is on his way to Chicago. And Jonathan Stewart, yes, he's still around, has agreed to sign with the New York Giants.

So, what about the Cowboys. Well, all is quiet on the lone star front. The biggest move impacting the Cowboys so far has to be linebacker Anthony Hitchins signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. It wasn't likely the Boys were going to be able to bring him back considering he will be making about $9 million a year.

The other big news for Cowboy fans so far has to be that it's looking like Dez Bryant is going to remain a Cowboy. And there are rumors that Dez and owner Jerry Jones met to go over his role with the team and his contract.

So for right now, not a whole lot of news for the Cowboys, which isn't a bad thing. Remember, winning in March doesn't mean squat in the NFL. As a Patriot fan I get to sit back and watch all my South Florida friends get excited and brag about how great the Dolphins did in the off season. Only to watch their hopes and dreams be crushed on a regular basis, while the Pats hang another banner.

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