A southeastern New Mexico town is battling a growing skunk crisis from an unseasonably mild winter. Unfortunately for the town, the skunks seem to be winning. Residents of Hagerman, New Mexico are complaining because it seems Pepe Le Pew and his friends have taken over their small town and now it stinks. Skunks don't hibernate but do remain fairly inactive during the winter months. Our mild winter has the mammals out of their dens early and bringing their foul stench with them.The Hagerman Township Animal Shelter and Hagerman Police are working together to set traps around town and nearby Lake Arthur and Lake Dexter to catch the skunks.

Unfortunately for those trying to catch the skunks, it looks like Pepe and friends are as elusive as the roadrunner to Wile E. Coyote. According to Fox News, the traps have caught instead "a dozen cats, four dogs, and a house rabbit." Sadly though, skunks have been found on the streets of Hagerman though, as roadkill. Also seen on the streets of the town are rattlesnakes, which are usually found on the asphalt where the snakes go to try and warm up. Safe to say I won't be heading to Hagerman anytime soon.

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