A New Mexico salon held a "Hair Camp" to teach dad's how to do their girl's hair in more than just a ponytail. Could this type of class benefit El Paso dads? Being a parent can be rough. Whether you're a single parent, the stay at home parent or responsible for getting them ready in the morning, you know the struggle of trying to make a little girl's hair look good. The job can be even more difficult for a father, especially if he's not familiar with how to do a young girl's hair. Growing up, my dad raised two girls and had to get us ready in the morning. My mother was a nurse and left for work at 6 am so it was his job to get our hair done every morning. Let's just say he knew two styles- ponytail and half-up, half-down. Luckily, I was a BIG fan of half-up, half-down so I was happy to go to school everyday rocking that style. But some girls have different hair types or want a different style, and it can be intimidating for a father. Luckily for fathers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, one salon has stepped up to offer classes to help them learn how to do their daughter's hair and spend more time with them.

According to KRQE, on Sunday Sergio's Hair Studio in Albuquerque held a Daddy-Daughter Hair Camp to teacher fathers basic hair styles for their daughter's hair. Dads who attended the class learned how to do ponytails, braids and buns on their daughter's hair. Owner Sergio Gallarzo said dads can feel intimidated and the class allows them to enjoy doing hair and be confident in their skills. He also said it gives the dads time to bond with their daughters too. Gallarzo said he is holding the event again later on this month for more fathers to attend.

After seeing how successful the event was in North New Mexico, it made me wonder how successful would this type of class be in El Paso? Would fathers participate if it was offered here? There are stylists and salons that would offer their services and time to help teach men how to do their daughter's hair in different styles so they could feel more confident. So my question to you, men of El Paso, if we offered this type of "Hair Camp," would you come?

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