Now before you judge me....I identify as Jason Mamoa. Don't you dare assume my body type. It's 2018 and shaming for any reason is highly frowned upon....and also, I'm totes racking the hell out of this extra medium. You're jealous as hell of my fluff hard ab. I can feel it. BJ Specialties is who did the shirts BTW. Big Thanks to them.



I took the liberty of volunteering our poor account manager/receptionist to be the lucky photographer. This man is actually running for Texas State Representative and this is what I've reduced him to lol. Don't worry, he has a strong stomach. An argument could be made that if he can power through this, he can do anything. One day I'm going to have a highly distinguished politician reflecting back to this moment. For some sick reason, this makes me extremely happy. I'm so rock I'm sticking it to the future man and haunting his dreams. At this point, I don't even care what his platform is. I just want him to get elected so I can say that I have mentally scarred a politician.



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