I think our guitarist may have a little bit too much time on his hands. He didn't buy this guitar like this. He made it like this lol.


How does one even go about doing this? If it were me, I'd get frustrated 10 minutes into it and end up with paint all over the place and a broken guitar. What's crazy is how many guitars he has. I've only been playing with them just over a month now and he has a different set of guitars every time I go over there for practice. This begs the question...Can a man ever have too many guitars? Normally, I would say that's just crazy talk but at this point I may be willing to re-think that. Here's to the mighty Van Halen and all the guitarists who wanna be like Eddie.

Side note: Eddie Van Halen is worth $100 Million. That's an eighth of what Robert Plant is worth.

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