There's a mom in Charleston, South Carolina that wants to do everything she can to make her sons third birthday as memorable as possible.  Freddie Taylor, a two year old boy with Down syndrome and who is battling leukemia is turning three years old today.  He's been at Medical University of South Carolina for weeks now for cancer treatments but you wouldn't know it if you saw him.  He's not letting anything get him down and it shows.  His mom says "He still wakes up pretty happy every day".  His mother Joanne Taylor (who's sporting the most fun shade of teal hair I've every seen) says that Freddie is fun, outgoing, silly and stubborn...and I get the feeling that's just the way she likes it.  Freddie is part of the Cancer Program at MUSC Children's Health where he will be going through three years of treatments.  His mom wants to make his third birthday as memorable as possible, despite the situation.  She says that he loves opening things (I totally get it! Who doesn't?) so she's asking anyway and everyone who can to send him a Happy Birthday card.  I love this! Anyone can do this, I think that's what makes it so great and it's really going to leave an impression on Freddie.  I sent mine yesterday and you should send yours today, tomorrow....send him a card all this weekend actually!  His family hope it will inspire other to reach out to people in need of some uplifting in their life.

Anyone who would like to send Freddie a birthday card can send it to:

Freddie Taylor

c/o MUSC Children's Health

165 Ashley Ave.

Charleston, SC 29425

We love this idea.  If you know someone in need of some positive encouragement by way of a good ole fashioned card, please let us know.  Send us the information and an address and we will share it here on the website and make sure they get an extra special card from Doc and I here at KBAT.

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