Finally something opening in our area that isn’t a fast food restaurant! Axeaholics Hatchet House opened Saturday afternoon in Odessa and you’ll never guess how the business got its start.  According to owner Blake Cryer, it started as a school assignment in college.  The assignment was to make a mock business and see if it could work in the real world. When it was presented to a group their only question was “when are you starting it?”.   A college business project turned real life business, Axeaholics, has 14 targets and seven bays (think of the bays like you would a bowling lane).  Anyone ten years or older can throw and don’t worry, there are always Axeaholic coaches on hand to give a short 5-10 minutes instruction session before you start.  They aren’t a bar but they are working on their bar setup and in the meantime you are allowed to bring a few drinks, BYOB with a limit of course, can’t get too crazy around sharp objects.  Axeaholics Hatchet House is open from 3pm-11:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and noon until 11:55pm on Friday and Saturday. To find out more or make reservations you can visit them on Facebook at Axeaholics Hatchet House

Axeholics Hatchet House

Grandview Plaza

2730 N. Grandview Ave

Odessa, Tx

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