Want to hear a horrible insult? Just fast forward to 34:45. More about that in a moment. Here are today's topics.

  • Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - I can not wait to get to this! Although, I think my next trip will be to Disney World, instead of Disneyland.
    • I talk about the first time I met Chewbacca.
    • How do you find the BLACK kyber crystal?
    • Should I watch footage of the Millennium Falcon ride, or wait and experience it live completely fresh.
  • NHL - Stanley Cup game 7!
  • NBA - Kevin Durant's injury was horrible to watch, and can the Raptors close out the Warriors?
  • And finally, I talk about people who are easily offended. News flash, just being offended doesn't make you right. And I proceed to say the insult that I use to say to people online when I felt like talking some trash. I'm not sure how I came up with it, or what sparked the first time I said it, but if you want to hear it, it's in this video.

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